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Frenquentes doubts regarding the DVR

Frequently asked questions regarding the camera

What is the menu you realize the basic settings such as date, time, video format, etc?

A: Main menu, settings, system

How do I set the DVR to recycle the recordings, or continue recording audio and video after HD fill?

A: Main Menu, System Settings on 'Full HD' option set to 'overwrite'. case let labeled 'Stop', the DVR will stop recording after his placeholder recordings is filled completely.

I am unable to change the date and the time of my DVR, I change the configuration and after the date and the time they return to the parameters that were configured earlier, what is happening?

A: In these cases, disable the DVR recording temporarily, make the date and time of change, then you can resume recording normally

Remote access my DVR is working in both the internal network and in an external network, however, when access from an external network the cameras are slow or locking and not I can see in real time. How to solve?

A: This crash is occurring because the upload speed of the local network is not supporting the amount of data being transmitted, the ideal is to acquire an internet service with a upload highest, if not possible, this can be circumvented by sacrificing a little image quality only in rem ote access, main menu settings / record change the bit rate for CBR.

Network settings

Which user and password I use to access my DVR remotely?

A: The user and password used to remotely access, are the same to access the menu DVR via the monitor.

What is the procedure to make it possible for me to access my DVR over the Internet?

A: In case of P2P install the application on the phone and perform the reading of the QR code on the DVR in the P2P tab, If access is by DDNS create a DDNS account, free ports on the home Router and enter the data in application on your smartphone.

How to set my DVR on the LAN?

A: Check what are the parameters of your network to configure them in the DVR, the Mask subnet and configure the gateway with the same information from the local network, the IP should be different (usually only changed the last house depending on each network) any other device connected to the same network, e.g. DVR, PC, printer, etc. The call option 'Enable DHCP 'is recommended to leave it off by setting a fixed IP in the DVR will facilitate the setting the doors on the modem and the router listed in the following item.

How to set my DVR on the external network?

A: After that access the internal network work, just missing the modem and router configuration (if any) so that they to direct the DVR ports to the IP himself. targeting the doors should be done both in the modem and the router, there are several types of these devices the market and some have their quirks, but the Internet is easy to find the tutorials them from their respective models. Very complex networks the aid will be necessary a computer technician for this setting.

Creating a DDNS?

A: Visit www.ecpddns.com.br www.ecpddns.com.br and perform the registration, you will access their respective site and create a account the same with login and password within the account you created will have an option to create subdomains. Create a sub-domain with the name that you want and this data will be configured the DVR.

What is the browser I use to access my DVR remotely?

A: The DVR works with Internet Explorer browser and GoogleChrome However the installation is needed plug-ins. It is also possible to use the IMS 200 software, installed directly on the computer.

For the DDNS is needed?

A: The DDNS service is used, as most Internet networks have dynamic IP, ie each time the modem restarts the IP network is changed and when the user tries to access the DVR by an external network no longer have access because the IP will be another. The domain service updates automatically the new IP address without the user having to be aware of this, service similar to what exists in web sites.

How to configure DDNS I created in DVR?

A: After your account and your DDNS set up in DVR Menu / Settings / network / Advanced / DDNS Fill in the details.

It is possible that the DVR send an e-mail in case of alarm?

A: Yes, just the alarm function is configured Main Menu / Settings / Alarm.

What are the DVR factory defaults doors?

A: Service port 8000, HTTP port 80 and UDP port 8001.

The DVR ECP has its own domain?

A: Yes, to set it up visit www.ecpddns.com.br

I have a DVR with HDMI video output, enabling video output when connected one HDMI monitor in DVR?

A: The monitor will identify HDMI video output automatically.

How do I set up a Speed Dome camera connected to the DVR?

A: First make sure that the physical connection is correct camera on DVR. both PTZ wires (+) and PTZ (-) must be connected to the RS-485 connectors on the back of the DVR note carefully what the positive and negative cable PTZ to be connected at the exit if you call Inverted not cause any damage to the equipment but the PTZ system will not operate. after Camera link in the DVR access Main menu / output / PTZ, select the channel to be configured and items in the protocol, address, speed, data bit, you must configure exactly is set the speed dome camera for more information on these settings see camera manual being used.

How do I set my DVR to this serious motion detection?

A: Visit Main menu / Configuration / record, record plan Set the channel configuration desired for MD. >> Record >> Configuration, select the channel to be configured if you want to make a setting different channel by channel, only select all channels to set up all at once. To record by motion detection select in the 'agenda' only option 'Detect' to programmed period, note that this menu you can set up 4 different periods of recording the same day and for different days of the week that is the case recording option chosen by the user. See section 3.1.1 to enable motion detection on any channel. To record continuously the procedure is the same, but instead of selecting the icon 'agenda' select 'Continuous'.

Playing recordings that are stored on the DVR?

R: Acesse MenuPrincipal / Busca Selecione o período e a câmera desejado.

How to back up recording what I want?

A: Connect a USB stick formatted before in Main Menu / Search / Playback there is a icon looks like a floppy disk, select the recordings you want from the list and then click this icon.

What are the user and the default password of the DVR?

A: User: admin / Password 12345.

I forgot the password configured for the admin user, there is a way to recover this password?

A: contact the technical department of ECP.

The DVR has a function to be programmed into a self automatic restart?

A: Yes, Access Main Menu / Maintenance / auto maintenance.

Where do I find the software version that my DVR has

A: Visit Main Menu / Maintenance / version.

Which video formats DVR provides backup?

A: H.264 and AVI, as selected by the user.

The DVR has to warn the user in the event of a system failure?

A: Yes visit the main / anomalies settings menu.